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  • A Sneak Peak of Twist Design’s ‘Stained Glass Cars’

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  • Lumiere Artichoke festival light Stephen Newby Infinity work in progress

    Stephen Newby’s ‘Infinity’ | Work-In-Progress

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  • Step 2. Paint your words in blue.

    Beth J Ross reveals us her secret sizing her installation, ‘I haven’t changed my mind in a thousand years’!

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  • Twist Design Lumiere Artichoke windows stained glass cars reliant robin

    Stained Glass Car Window Designs, Reliant Robin #2

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  • beth j ross lumiere artichoke durham

    Beth J Ross | Where the artist works…

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  • Beth J Ross video interview BRILLIANT Lumiere Durham

    Video Interview | Beth J Ross

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  • The handwriting of Beth's son

    Beth J Ross | Handwriting: ‘Old Head on Young Shoulders’

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  • Claire Fontaine, 'Capitalism kills (love)', Lumiere 2011 - Photo Matthew Andrews

    Lumiere can’t get enough of neon words

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  • Stephen Newby video interview 'Infinity'

    Video Interview | Stephen Newby

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  • CariBoo (2009). Glass, argon, mixed media

    Sarah Blood | Neon Universe

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  • Twist Design Video

    Video Interview | Twist Design

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  • Video Interview | Sarah Blood

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  • Brilliant_Durham_pan video still

    Video Interview | BRILLIANT Artists

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  • Ziad Jabero recording studio copy

    Humans imitating birds

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  • Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.49.24

    Reliant Robin Hunting

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  • Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 13.41.42

    How to make Stained Glass Car windows

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  • Twist design crop

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Twist Design: ‘Stained Glass Cars’

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  • Beth J Ross crop

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Beth J Ross: ‘I haven’t changed my mind in a thousand years’

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  • sarah blood crop

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Sarah Blood: ‘Sanctuary’

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  • Stephen Newby portrait copy

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Stephen Newby: ‘Infinity’

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